We take great pride in our stairlifts. Each one is tailor-made to adapt to your home - and your life - not the other way around. To ensure that it does, perfectly, we customise the rail to fit your staircase. So whether it curves, has corners, or landings or corridors in between flights, rest assured that our stairlifts are among the most adaptable in the world. Straight or curved, prepare to have your life transformed.

Your choice

Just choose the stairlift that’s right for you from our four models: the new generation Solus and Sofia models, the classic Saxon or the traditional Sarum - all of which can be upholstered from a range of woven fabrics, soft-to-touch vinyls or even, with the Solus, full grain upholstery. And then there’s our Outdoor stairlift, which operates in all weather conditions. The choice is yours.   Contact us